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In A Pickle Ultimate Sandwich Ideas


  • First up, a lovely fresh combination (left) using our Sweet Chilli Jam ? spread thickly on the bottom slice, then top with a bit of smashed avocado (you don?t want to mash it completely, just soften it up a little, which should be easy if it?s nice and ripe). Then go for a layer of shredded white crab meat ? you can buy it in a tin for convenience, simply rinse and season with a little freshly-ground black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice ? and finish off with some fresh rocket.
  • If you?ve got vegetarians to cater for, don?t worry, we?ve got you covered. A nice sourdough loaf is best for this one ? start with a layer of our Balsamic Onion Relish, and then top with plenty of crumbly feta. Finish off with a little peppery watercress to balance the sweetness of the relish.
  • Now for something a little different (above), inspired by the classic New York deli sandwich and our award-winning Sweet Pickled Cucumber (we just picked up a Taste of the West Silver Award for this one and we couldn?t be more delighted). First, make a little mustard mayonnaise ? for the authentic effect, you?ll need proper bright yellow mustard to mix with your mayonnaise. Spread a layer of this first (use rye bread if you want it really authentic, although it?s not everyone?s cup of tea) and then top with In A Pickle Sweet Pickled Cucumber. Finish with plenty of sliced salt beef, which you can usually find on the deli counter.
  • Finally, something a little gourmet ? get a nice rustic granary loaf for this one. Spread thickly with our Pear, Apple and Cider Chutney and then top with thin slices of blue cheese (those who aren?t fans of blue could substitute a good mature cheddar instead). Serve, of course, with a lovely chilled bottle of cider.